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Welcome to Ukraine

Welcome to Ukraine

Ukraine is the country with unlimited opportunities and magical landscapes. The country that will give you unforgettable emotions and impressions, tell you interesting stories, and leave inextinguishable memories about it in exchange for your interest!

It is a country which can embody dreams. There are all the things you need for rest, love, romanceand new impressions: deep blue lakes, lofty magic mountains, wide valleys and boundless steppes, gardens with delicious apples and cherries, affable villages and cities which will welcome travelers with secrets and stories of ancient buildings. Here you will find all you need to be happy and have the greatest vacation of your life.

Welcome to Ukraine! 

Mystic Ukraine. The Roads of the Mysterious Past

Ukraine resembles an elegant beautiful woman and hospitable hostess, so we cannot help but compare it with a real woman! A true woman is always a mystery, a secret and even mysticism! Therefore, it\'s time to talk about mystic Ukraine.

Extreme Ukraine: on the Ground, under Water and in the Sky

Ukraine is essentially a kind and tolerant woman but still independent and freedom-loving: the world still remembers both Zaporozhian Sich and our Maidan. If a country irresistibly strives for new inspirations and has a strong sense of life, then it strives to add a touch of recklessness and taste of adrenaline to rest. The tourism of thrills and \"peak\" emotions will be discussed in this article.

Elegant Ukraine. Spellbinding scenery and sightseeing

How can we tell you about Ukraine? To do it well have to breeze deep and chatter for an hour or so to mention only the most interesting and important. As wed like to compare Ukraine with its capital and resort towns, ancient fortresses and castles with New Year tree decorated with numerous toys especially when expecting amazing winter holidays.

Delicious Ukraine. Horilka and salo its only beginning

In different countries people meet unexpected guests in different ways but usually hosts offer refreshments. It may be cup of tea, coffee and even glass of vine as well as something more energizing like vodka-cognac-whiskey although not such useful for health. No doubt, Ukraine will offer alcoholic drinks to the guest as well but also it will feed the guest with everything it has! No other variants whatsoever!

Features of Ukrainian climate

The attractiveness of Ukraine for foreign tourists is increasing every year. The country is becoming more and more interesting for the world, and travelers are coming to us more often. Due to its large area, Ukraine has a variety of landscapes and climatic conditions. The presence of seas and mountains, plains, hills and steppes define such a different climate in Ukraine. It is safe to say one thing: the weather in Ukraine may be different, but it is always comfortable!

Ukraine that you have not known before

Today many people consider visiting Eastern Europe as tourists. And such vacation has many advantages: it is low prices (compared to the same in Western Europe), rich cultural heritage, beautiful natural scenery, and opportunity of various leisure (green tourism, beach recreation, excursion tourism, and so on).

Tips for the tourists who travel to Ukraine for the first time

Ukraine is famous worldwide for its noisy fairs, generous hospitable hostesses, extremely delicious cuisine and fun dances of girls in flower wreaths. This is a truly rich country which has everything for a first-class holiday: seas, rivers, forests, mountains and even its own the one in Europe desert.

The rules of entry to Ukraine

According to Ukrainian law, foreign citizens may enter Ukraine on a visa and visa-free basis. To do this you need to have with you your main document - a national or foreign passport.

7 wonder lakes of Ukraine

Ukrainian land never ceases to amaze with its natural wonders! More than three thousand lakes in Ukraine strike in their beauty and uniqueness! But among them there are truly remarkable bodies of water: with incredibly turquoise waters, unreal depth, dizzyingly beautiful surrounding scenery.

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