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About AvesTravel

About AvesTravel

Every journey begins with desire. This is the most amazing moment when you do not know where and how, why and with whom, but already relish, savoring the delight of the adventure. What this adventure will be is up to you! Need a hint?

For those who just intend to open the door to a vast world of travelling, we, the team of AvesTravel Company, can offer the assistance of an invisible tourist angel. You have only to choose the region in Ukraine and receive a full set of documents from us: useful information, travel directions, a list of the most interesting places to visit, recommendations on tourist guides, excursions and even hints for foodies ( "Yes, we know a fabulous cafe in Lviv!" ). With our magic envelope, which has everything the novice traveler may need, you will feel yourself in Ukraine the same as at home and, perhaps, you will manage to carry out the excursion by yourself!

We would also come in handy for the experienced travellers who know what they want! Just point your finger at the map of Ukraine and call us, we will prepare the itinerary and will book everything you need for your wonderful journey. And yes, the following steps will be fair play - no hints on where and when you are going to, we will simply organize you trip in order not to spend your precious time in vacation for calls and confirmations of the booking. Ukraine will welcome you! Just choose the direction!

Well, you do not like holidays in lazybone style stretched on the sun lounger near the sea. Wish some interesting adventures? Oh, we adore the adventure travellers! Well, hold on! Trekking, rafting, biking, and horse riding - just choose and we will immediately select the instructor who will make your epic travel the safety one! And yes, you can do absolutely everything! Let us together lead the world to look through green glasses on your holiday!

In addition, we believe that the travelling just begins with the child’s birth. Someone will tell you that it is difficult to travel with a baby and foresee everything -  you would hardly rest! But we say otherwise: we know all the hotels where parents can find a nanny, a games room, children's menu, and even ramps for a baby stroller. We ourselves travel with our kids, that’s why we know how it is important to have such things like a kettle in the room, the silence during daytime sleep, a good doctor in a hotel, and so on. You may come to our office with your child and you will see that the baby will make your trip a wonderful and unforgettable, but won’t give you hard time. We will tackle all organizational issues. But you will have to obtain a lot of good emotions, baby’s laughter and enormous quantity of cool pics for our page Aves Baby Travel. A deal?

We are waiting for  everyone:

  • travellers who want to crisscross Ukraine
  • cosmopolitans, who feel themselves in any country as at home and want to have more of such houses,
  • parents, children, pets,
  • extreme travellers,
  • beach-lovers
  • those who interested in sightseeing
  • shopping  lovers
  • those not indicated here, but  whom we love and want to get to know!

We have a passion to realize dreams into reality! Every journey begins with desire, so what would YOU want?

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